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Testimonials for our appliance repair services

See what Winnipeg is saying about our professional Appliance Repair Services


Jose McAfee

Having a nutritious meal is essential to my everyday life and that of my family. We cook only homemade organic meals with no take out what so ever. So, it is safe to say that yes, we do use our stove quite often in our household. The day that it did break down however, was quite chaotic.

Thankfully I called in to A To Z Appliance Repair Winnipeg and they were very responsive. They sent out one of their senior technicians, who from the looks of it has been doing this for a while. He was able to quickly diagnosis the issue and supply us with an estimate which we went on to get fixed immediately.

He thankfully hand everything he needed on hand and was able to resolve our problem right there. Thank you A To Z Appliance Repair! 


Kata Altoviti

Money does not grow on trees that is for sure. Especially with these prices that our produce and groceries are reaching, they are extremely expensive right now and hardly attainable to maintain your growing family’s nutrition. But what had me really getting annoyed was my refrigerator and the fact that is stopped working.

I was panicking and called the first company that came up in my search. A To Z Appliance Repair in Winnipeg. They were very reassuring and helped us out right away. I was so thankful because for a minute I thought all my groceries were going to spoil. 

The gentleman from this appliance repair company was very well-informed of the ins and outs of a refrigerator. I was so appreciative to him and the team at A To Z Appliance Repair here in Winnipeg. It is good to know there are still some dependable people out there. 


Neassa Bulgarelli

It is much more easier having a dishwasher to do all my dirty dishes rather than having to fuss with a young toddler and get the dishes done at the same time. But that convenience was short lived last week as my dishwasher decided to give us an error code and make a loud buzzing noise as we tried to clear it. That when I told my husband it is time to call a professional. He found A To Z Appliance Repair Winnipeg and boy did they not disappoint. Their repairman was very knowledgeable and polite, he let us know what was exactly going on and how to go about resolving it. The repairman was able to provide the part immediately to replace it and also gave me and my husband a few maintenance tips for future reference. Thank you to the team at A To Z Appliance Repair Winnipeg, your team is amazing. 


Domnall Bello

Finally having my very own washing machine is such a wonderful feeling, not having to drag all my dirty laundry to some laundry matt every 2 weeks is nice. I just moved in to my very own condo and have my own stackable washer/dryer appliances. but the other day my washer decided to not drain the water completely. I did not know who I should call or even where to begin to attempt to fix it on my own.

So I looked up a washing machine repair service, some of them that I called did not work on stackable appliances but A To Z Appliance Repair Winnipeg did. Their guy came out and located the faulty part (cannot remember the name – some hose) and managed to replace it that same day.

He had all his supplies in his truck. I was so relieved being that this was my very first time having to deal with something like this. The people at A To Z Appliance Repair Winnipeg was very nice and extremely helpful. Thank you all.


Nela Toledano

Even though it is a huge convenience to have a dryer in our home to help with laundry, it is also a huge pain in my rear when it malfunctions. I have had one other issue in the past with my dryer and did not have a good experience when it happened. The previous company came over and gave me an estimate and it ended up being almost double that cost. I was not happy.

So when it broke down again this time I did not know who to call. This time around I did some research and found A To Z Appliance Repair right here in Winnipeg. They had good reviews and the customers raved about their repairman actually knowing what they are doing and I do agree with them they really do.

They are also very reasonable like they stated about their rates. I definitely will be using their services again if any such thing was to arise again. thank you A To Z Appliance Repair for a wonderful experience.